Take Time for Yourself with a Solo Spa Day

Take Time for Yourself with a Solo Spa Day

Sep 22, 2022 | Blog

It’s been a few stressful years for most and we have all as a nation gone thought a lot. With this is mind, we need to remember to switch off and to take time for ourselves. Not doing this can cause tiredness, stress eating, unwanted illnesses, skin conditions and more.

Most people take the time to have their hair done – whether that’s just a half hour hair cut or a two-hour colour session – but we rarely take this level of care for other parts of our bodies.  

Recently, we’ve noticed a positive change in exactly this with more people visiting for a Solo Spa Day here at the ANA Spa. Solo Spa Days are an amazing way to totally switch off, not have to communicate to the world and have a well-earned pamper.

With this is mind we have re-thought our ways slightly, learning from these experiences and wanting to help others. Here’s a few ways in which we can help:

Silent Spa Treatments

If you are here for a treatment, we do not make conversation with you unless you specifically want us to. You can now even request when booking that you’d prefer a silent treatment, and don’t worry we won’t take offence.


Solo Spa Days

You can book all our spa days as a solo guest. This includes the full use of the spa and gym, as well as food and treatment. You can even add yoga to get a full relaxation experience.


Gym Companion

Another way we’re looking to help is for those struggling to come back to the gym after a prolonged absence. If you are struggling and just want someone to be beside you for the first time back, we’d be more than happy to help and can be by your side. We’d even be happy to have a workout together just to ease those jitters. Once you have tried all the machines, we’re sure you will feel 100 times better for it.


Friendly Chat

Even if you need a friendly face to chat to, we’re always happy to help. We’ll stay in the treatment room with you and anything that is discussed will stay with your therapist.

It’s so important that we all look after both our physical and mental wellness and please remember that we’re here to help.

All the best from your Spa and Leisure Manager, Chelsea Rickwood & Ana Spa Team. We look forward to seeing you at the ANA Spa soon.

Solo Spa Day

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