Join Winchester’s newest gym from just £39 per month

Gym at the ANA Spa

Gym in Winchester

Welcome to our modern and friendly Gym in Winchester…

The Gym at The ANA Spa is available for hotel guests as well as external members and boasts top-of-the-range both cardio and weights equipment. 

Perfect for all abilities and age ranges, the Matrix gym equipment offers the latest in connected technology and premium performance, meaning guests and members can enjoy an effective workout in a relaxed and comfortable environment. 

from £39 per month

Gym Membership is available at the ANA Spa in Winchester from just £39 per month. 

Gym members have full access to all gym equipment with no limitations times, days of the week or on number of visits. Gym membership also includes full access to a range of virtual classes.

Gym equipment – cardio

The Gym at the ANA Spa has a wide range of cardiovascular equipment for your aerobic workouts, including:
• 3 x treadmills
Multiple bikes
1 x rower
3 x cross trainers

The bikes, treadmills and cross trainers all have:
48 cm / 19″ capacitive touchscreen with FitTouch Technology offering intuitive operation
WiFi connectivity
An App interface offering easy access to social media and the internet
Compatible with most smartphones for video, audio, charging and on-screen playlist


The ANA Spa Gym
Gym equipment – Weights

In addition to the cardio machines, there are a number of weight machines – all multi-purpose – to help tone, build muscle and burn fat.

There are also have a number of free weights and kettlebells, exercise balls, medicine balls and resistance bands.

And for those looking for a more advanced training session, the gym has battle ropes and TRX – ensuring you get the complete workout.

Equipment includes:
Weight machines – to include leg curl, leg extension, chest press, shoulder press
Free weights and kettle bells
Exercise balls
Medicine balls
Resistance bands
Battle ropes


The ANA Spa Gym