ANA Spa House Rules


1. General rules

1.1 Over 18’s only in the Ana spa.
1.2 The pool does not have a lifeguard; it is your responsibility to use at your own risk.
1.3 No mobile phones or cameras in the pool and spa area
1.4 No food or drink is permitted in the hydro pool and spa area apart from the water that is provided.
1.5 There is no alcohol permitted in the pool and spa area
1.6 CCTV is in operation 24/7
1.7 Do not bring your own food or drinks into the Ana Spa.
1.8 Do not bring glassware or sharp objects into the spa and spa area.
1.9 Please do not use the spa if you are under the influence of alcohol, narcotic’s, tranquilisers, or strong medication. If you have any conditions – including pregnancy that is adversely affected by heat, please consult a doctor before using the spa facilities.
2.0 Do not take home any items i.e., robes, towels, items that are property to the Ana spa.
2.1 Where robe and towel hire are included with your visit, additional towels are only available at an additional cost.


2. Hygiene and care

2.1 Please wear bathing costumes in the hydro spa and spa area. No jumping or diving into the pool. Please be aware that the hydrotherapy spa/pool and spa area floor may be slippery.
2.2 You must shower in the changing rooms BEFORE entering the spa thermal area.
2.3 After using the Gym equipment you must clean down equipment after every use and place all equipment away after use.
2.4 You must wear appreciate footwear in the gym i.e., trainers. No flip flops or open toe shoes.
2.5 No outdoor footwear in the spa thermal suite or changing rooms.
2.6 No shower gels, perfumes, or products in the thermal area i.e., Sauna, steam room or Hydro spa.
2.9 Do not shower on poolside with personal lotions or shower amenities. The thermal spa facilities are not to be used as personal grooming, bathing, or cleansing facilities.
3.0 Do not enter the spa thermal area and treatment rooms if you know that you are infected with any contagious medical issues, I.e., Conjunctivitis, verruca or any fungal infections please in the spa before arrival.


3. Behaviour and etiquette

3.1 We do not tolerate any anti-social behaviour such as swearing, rowdiness, and aggression from customers towards our staff and other customers.
3.2 We have a relaxation room and treatment rooms which are our quite zones, please respect that treatments and the relax room are a quite area to make the experience enjoyable for all. If you want somewhere to chat, we have our spa lounge (food area) and outdoor area. In the Thermal spa area, we consider this again an area which you should keep noise down as guests are relaxing and switching off.
3.4 Any rowdy, drunken behaviour is not permitted in the spa and spa area.


4. Facility usage and care

4.1 Using the sauna ensure you drink plenty of water and a maximum usage of 15 minutes at a time with regular breaks.
4.2 Using the steam room ensure you use the cool water hose available to cool off and regular breaks from the steam room ensuring you’re not using it for more than 15 minutes at a time
4.3 Hydrotherapy Spa/pool you need to ensure you do not exceed 30 minutes at a time in the hydrotherapy spa/pool. Making sure you drink plenty of water and taking regular breaks.
4.4 Usage of the gym you must ensure you are fit and healthy and doing exercise you feel comfortable and safe doing.
4.5 All facilities with any medical conditions that can be affected by heat are advised to ask the medical physician first before using the spa. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are safe and not going to cause harm to yourself.